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I'm Adam.


I'm a writer, content creator, and editor based in Portland, Oregon.

I take the thoughts and visions in clients' minds and put them into clear stories and words. I create content, run daily marketing campaigns, work with web developers to help build brands, and bring clarity to the convoluted. 



Going far beyond just filling the empty space on your pages, I develop full content strategy to keep readers engaged and connected to your story. Running the full gamut of potential topics, products, and services. 

Article and Blog Writing

Fully researched and united with the tone and voice of your needs. Ranging from opinion pieces, educational content, humor, reviews, analytical and scientific reports, to anything your heart desires.  

Social Media Marketing

Running everything from daily to weekly marketing campaigns, and providing reliable, unique, and engaging content to increase your traffic and maintain a relationship with your audience. 

Featured Work

Previous and ongoing partnerships:

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Mike McKinley,

CFO at Crothers Entertainment & Productions/

Higher Ground Presents

"Adam King has been writing for State of Mind for about seven years. His work always raises the bar for the rest of our staff -- it inspires them to dig a little deeper into their own creative well. It's a pleasure to work with someone who is so easy going, creative and passionate, and consistently produces such high quality content."

Matt Bushlow,

Communications Manager at Marathon Health

"If the old saying is true that writing about music is like dancing about architecture, Adam King gets down like James Brown in front of a Frank Gehry building. He packs everything he writes with a balance of insight, passion, and humor that always reminds me why I prefer Lester Bangs over Sasha Frere-Jones. I'm a huge fan."

Let's Work Together

There's no project too big or too little, too defined or too open-ended, too professional or too ridiculous. Let's do this. 

Thanks for submitting!

4608 NE 7th Ave. Portland, OR 97211

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Featured Work
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